Product Description

This machine is a big-scale waste metal processing equipment that is suitable for
handling a large amount of waste steel. It is used to cold compress the waste metal
materials with a thickness below 6-10mm such as waste residue metal materials,
waste oil bucket and dismounted automobile shells into package and lump, in
order to facilitate transportation and charging into furnace. It applies PLC control
and has auto and semi-auto operation functions. The quick-action technology,
which is unique in China, is applied to cut the motor power consumption nearly
by half, save electrical power and increase the efficiency.

Product characteristics:
1. Big material box design that improves operation efficiency greatly.
2. It applies automatic PLC control that is safe, reliable and reduces labor intensity.
3. Each hydraulic oil cylinder applies quick-action technology that improves operation
efficiency greatly and reduces energy consumption.

PLC control Baling press Parameter

ModelNominal force(KN)Box size
Bale size
Type of baler outOperational
YD-315031502000*1400*1200450*50030-3637Side outAuto PLC control
YD-400040002000*1600*1200500*50036-6045Side outAuto PLC control
YD-4000A40002500*1600*1200600*60060-8045*2Side outAuto PLC control
YD-600060003000*2000*1400650*65080-10045*3Side outAuto PLC control