Exploring the Benefits of Metal Scrap Baling Presses

Metal scrap baling presses serve a crucial role in scrap metal recycling and disposal. These machines compact large volumes of scrap metal into smaller, high-density bales, making scrap metal significantly easier to handle, transport, and process. Here, we delve into the functionality, principles, and uses of metal scrap baling presses.

Functionality and Performance:

Metal scrap baling press is engineered with superior performance in mind. Utilizing tremendous force, these machines are able to condense bulky scrap metals into easy-to-handle bundles. This is particularly beneficial in industries that deal with substantial amounts of metal waste.

The efficiency of these machines is unmatched, as they swiftly process and bale scrap metals, greatly improving the productivity of a recycling or disposal operation. Many presses also come equipped with technologically advanced features such as automatic cycle control, which further simplifies and speeds up the baling process.


Understanding the Principle:

The operating principle of a metal scrap baling press involves three integral steps: compaction, consolidation, and baling. Metal scrap is first compressed under high pressure to reduce its size. The compacted material is then consolidated to form a solid mass. The last step involves binding the dense mass with bale ties or strapping, producing a bale that is easy to handle and transport.


Applications of Metal Scrap Baling Presses:

Metal scrap baling presses have a wide range of uses in numerous industrial areas. They are essential in scrap metal yards, waste recycling centers, as well as manufacturing industries that generate a sizable amount of metal waste, such as automotive, electronics, and construction industries.

In terms of environmental sustainability, these machines contribute decisively by recycling scrap metal, thus reducing landfill use, conserving natural resources and minimizing CO2 emissions.


In conclusion, metal scrap baling presses hold undeniable benefits in various industries. Whether it’s increasing operational efficiency, improving waste management, or contributing to environmental conservation, these machines play a vital role in the overall chain of scrap metal recycling and disposal.

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metal scrap baling press machine

Metal scrap baling press machine, also known as a metal baler, is a machine designed to compress different types of metal into a transportable and storage-friendly bale.

Capabilities: A high-quality metal scrap baling press machine is capable of compressing various metals such as iron, steel, aluminum, brass, and much more. The machine is capable of processing single, double, or triple-compression bales. These machines help recycle metal waste and transform it into a valuable resource.

Material: Typically, these machines are made from hard-wearing, high-strength, and durable materials like steel or heavy-duty cast iron. This ensures resistance to wear, corrosion, impact, and high stress, optimizing their lifespan and productivity.

Working principle: The fundamental working principle of a metal scrap baling press involves applying high pressure to metal scrap using hydraulics. The pressure causes the metal to deform and take the shape of the bale chamber. After reaching the desired size and density, the compressed metal is bound using wires and ejected from the bailing chamber.

In professional English terms, the baling press machine is split into a variety of components: the mainframe featuring the pressing room, hydraulics, control systems, bailing chamber, and wire threading device. The optimum functioning of these parts ensures the production of consistent, high-density bales, reducing the volume of materials and aiding in efficient transportation and storage.

Metal Scrap Baling Press

Betal scrap baling press is a machine used to compress and bind metal scraps into compact bales for easier storage, transportation, and recycling. It is commonly used in scrapyards, recycling facilities, and manufacturing plants that produce metal waste.

How it Works

Metal scrap baling presses typically have a hydraulic system that compresses the metal scraps into a compact rectangular or cylindrical shape. The scraps are loaded into the machine through a hopper or conveyor belt, and then compressed by a piston or plunger. Once compressed, the bale is bound together with wire or straps to prevent it from coming apart during transportation.

Types of Metal Scrap Baling Presses

There are several types of metal scrap baling presses available on the market, including:

  • Vertical baling presses: These machines have a vertical design and are ideal for processing smaller volumes of metal scraps.
  • Horizontal baling presses: These machines have a horizontal design and are capable of processing larger volumes of metal scraps.
  • Semi-automatic baling presses: These machines require manual loading and unloading of the metal scraps, but the compression and binding process is automated.
  • Fully automatic baling presses: These machines are fully automated and can process large volumes of metal scraps without the need for human intervention.

Benefits of Metal Scrap Baling Presses

The use of metal scrap baling presses offers several benefits, including:

  • Space-saving: The compact bales take up less space than loose metal scraps, making storage and transportation more efficient.
  • Improved safety: Baling the metal scraps makes them less likely to cause accidents and injuries compared to loose scraps.
  • Increased profitability: Compact bales are easier to transport and sell to scrap dealers, increasing the value of the metal scraps.


Overall, a metal scrap baling press is an essential machine for scrapyards, recycling facilities, and manufacturing plants that produce metal waste. It helps to compress and bind metal scraps into compact bales for easier storage, transportation, and recycling, offering several benefits such as space-saving, improved safety, and increased profitability.

Scrap baling press & hydraulic baling machine for recycling


Hydraulic metal baler for steel mills, recycling processing industry and nonferrous metals, ferrous metal smelting industry, It bale a variety of metal scrap, steel shavings, scrap, scrap aluminum, scrap copper and other extrusion into a rectangular, cylindrical, octagonal and other shapes of qualified charge to reduce the cost of transportation and smelting.


1.Use hydraulic drive. Manual control and PLC auto control operation are available for selection

2.Installation without foot screws, in the absence of power can be equipped with diesel engine for power.

3. Type of baled block out can be chose side turn out, push forward out and front out way.

4. Pushing force with eight grades from 63 tons to 400 tons, the production Hficiency from 0.5 tons / hour to 20 tons / hour.

(5) Feeding box size and bale size can be customized according to the user’s raw material specifications.


Non Ferrous Metals


Aluminum Cans

Aluminum Windows

Scrap Aluminums

Tin Cans

Steel Shavings

Scrap steel

Steel wire

Scrap casting steel

Stainless steel

Aluminum Chips

Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum and Copper Wires

Hydraulic metal scrap baling press safety rules

  1. Before operating wear tight-fitting protective clothing, cuffs fastened jacket hem can not open, can not start the machine next to wear off clothes or cloth around in the body to prevent the machine twisting injury. Must wear a helmet, braids should be placed inside the cap, can not wear skirts, slippers;
  2. Metal scrap baling presse  idle run three minutes before work, and check oil tank is adequate, whether the normal sound of the pump, the hydraulic unit and pipes, fittings, piston if there is leakage phenomenon;
  3. After turning the package when the handle is pulled to cover the cylinder retracted position, then push the handle to turn the package. Turn around package board package once per turn should be cleared up, to prevent stuck;
  4. The operator must pay attention to the safety package, shop copper evenly spread copper in place, should cover the top of the door is closed, you can start packing;
  5. Hydraulic control lever when packaging should quickly pushed to the designated location to prevent the valve obstruction and hydraulic oil flow enough, resulting in motor overcurrent. Each action operations in place, need to be restored to the position the valve handle;
  6. Stop when the lid is closed the door, then stop the motor, turn off the power;
  7. After the completion of all hydraulic rod packing must retract the hydraulic cylinder, to prevent dust damage seals and oil spills;
  8. Regular maintenance work to do, find local pipeline oil spills immediately find machine repair process;
  9. If abnormal operation should be stopped immediately, remove the cause before proceeding;
  10. After the cover door open, non-pressure door operation, to prevent accidents;
  11. The oil tank must be rigorously filtered, and keep enough oil. Fuel tank should be cleaned every six months and replaced once the oil;
  12. Equipment lubrication should be required at least filling a lubricant class, class clean up the debris once the cavity capacity;
  13. As should be clear division of people simultaneously, to avoid the risk of misuse. Do not understand the main machine structure, performance and operating procedures are not allowed to start the machine;
  14. When the machine when severe leakage or anomalies occur in the work stop immediately. The eyes do not look toward the place of oil injection, can not directly hand to block, not be forced to work sick;
  15. When the machine during operation or packaging may not be repaired or touch moving parts, prohibited by hand or foot pressing material in the bin;
  16. Pump, valve, pressure gauge adjustment must be experienced technical personnel, if found faulty pressure gauge should immediately repair or replacement;

What is metal scrap baling press

metal scrap baling press is used as the working medium by a special hydraulic oil through hydraulic pump as a power source, by force of pump hydraulic oil into the cylinder / piston via a hydraulic line, then the cylinder / piston there are several groups of co-ordinated seals, different positions are different, but they all play a role in sealing the hydraulic oil can not leak. : The hydraulic energy into mechanical energy is the use of a hydraulic transmission fluid pressure to transfer power and conduct a transmission mode control. Hydraulic device is an auxiliary component machine from the hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic control valves and hydraulic
Hydraulic baler belongs forging machinery in one, the main role is the metalworking industry.

YD-1350 hydraulic metal scrap baling press

YD-1350 hydraulic metal scarp baling press loading to the container

YD-1350 hydraulic metal scrap baling press

YD-1350 hydraulic metal scrap baling press

YD-1350 hydraulic metal scarp baling press machine loading to the container

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