Product Description


SBJ Metal chip briquetting press is used for cold pressing of other metal scraps including powdery grainy cast iron scrap and steel scrap etc. to column form cake block with the density 25.5T/m3(without any bond). Afier out of the furnace, the cake block can be used as pig iron. This machine is designed with quick speed cylinder and liquid rinsing valve. The B type machine has auto charging unit which canbe operated by single man, C model is PLC automaticcontrol, With the novel particular sturcture, this machine is originalin China.


ModelInner diameter of main cylinderSize of briquetteDensityCaP(P/min)ProductionPowerRemark
SBJ-1500Cφ250φ80×(60-80)≥530.25-0.315PLC automatic
SBJ-2000Cφ280φ80×(60-80)≥560.5-0.815PLC automatic
SBJ-2500Cφ320φ80-90×(70-90)≥5.250.6-0.818.5PLC automatic
SBJ-2500Eφ320φ80-90×(70-90)≥5.250.5-0.818.5PLC automatic
SBJ-3150Bφ360φ90-110×(80-100)≥5.561-1.230PLC automatic
SBJ-3600φ400φ100-120×(80-100)5.5-651.2-1.530PLC automatic
SBJ-5000φ450φ120-140×(80-100)5.5-64.51.5-237PLC automatic
SBJ-6300φ520φ150-200×(100-200)5.5-642-2.545PLC automatic