Product Description

Q08 series new hydraulic metal shearing machine is a new developed model which used advanced technology on world wide level. This is a latest hydraulic shearing machine which is suitable for cold cutting On stead of flame cutting) different type waste metals to short pieces which qualified to the furnace ,it could be enhance the working efficiency as well as save the labor and gas cutting cost .

Product Description
1. It applies a hydraulic drive and pre-pressing unit and it is safeand reliable.

2. Two operation modes, that is, manual and automaticmodes, are available.

3. Operating knife edge lengths come in twospecifications, that is, 600mm, 700mm


ModelMax.shearing forceMax.balde openingBalde lenghtShearing speed(times/min)PowerMateriai sizeOperational
Q08-6363012032060014-207.520*200/φ35Manual or auto
Q08-100100012032060012-207.530*200/φ40Manual or auto
Q08-120120016032060012-201130*250/φ45Manual or auto
Q08-160A160020036060011-201530*320/φ60Manual or auto
Q08-160B160020038070011-201530*320/φ60Manual or auto
Q08-200200025042080011-2018.530*400/φ60Manual or auto