Product Description


This machine is used for the packing of light foam types of materials such as plastic film and waste paper under the normal state. The material volumes are reduced dramatically and more materials can be stuffed into the same space, so as to achieve smaller transportation volume, save transportation cost and increase profit for the enterprises.
Product Characteristics:
1. This machine applies hydraulic drive. It is convenient in installation, simple
in operation and reliable in use.
2. The door is opened hydraulically to remove the package elasticity and discharge
the package smoothly, which is safe and reliable.
3. This machine is equipped with a quick-action device. Its packing speed is one
time higher than that of other equipment of the same type made by other manufacturers.
The product is characterized by high working efficiency and low energy consumption
and is suitable for repeated material charging and packing for light foam


ModelNominalPress box size
Bale size
PowerType of baler outApplication
FYD-250B2501100×800×16001100×82011Turn-outPaper,Plastic,wool yarn
FYD-250C2501000×600×14001000×7007.5ManualWeaving bags,cloth
FYD-350A3501100×550×14001100×5807.5ManualPaper,Plastic,wool yarn
FYD-350B3501100×740×16001100×76011ManualPaper,Plastic,wool yarn
FYD-630A6301100×550×14001100×58015ManualPaper,Plastic,wool yarn
FYD-630B6301100×740×16001100×76015Push-outPaper,Plastic,wool yarn
FYD-100010001200×900×16001220×92015Push-outPaper,Plastic,wool yarn
FYD-125012501200×740×16001220×76018.5Push-outPaper,Plastic,wool yarn