Hydraulic metal scrap baling press safety rules

  1. Before operating wear tight-fitting protective clothing, cuffs fastened jacket hem can not open, can not start the machine next to wear off clothes or cloth around in the body to prevent the machine twisting injury. Must wear a helmet, braids should be placed inside the cap, can not wear skirts, slippers;
  2. Metal scrap baling presse  idle run three minutes before work, and check oil tank is adequate, whether the normal sound of the pump, the hydraulic unit and pipes, fittings, piston if there is leakage phenomenon;
  3. After turning the package when the handle is pulled to cover the cylinder retracted position, then push the handle to turn the package. Turn around package board package once per turn should be cleared up, to prevent stuck;
  4. The operator must pay attention to the safety package, shop copper evenly spread copper in place, should cover the top of the door is closed, you can start packing;
  5. Hydraulic control lever when packaging should quickly pushed to the designated location to prevent the valve obstruction and hydraulic oil flow enough, resulting in motor overcurrent. Each action operations in place, need to be restored to the position the valve handle;
  6. Stop when the lid is closed the door, then stop the motor, turn off the power;
  7. After the completion of all hydraulic rod packing must retract the hydraulic cylinder, to prevent dust damage seals and oil spills;
  8. Regular maintenance work to do, find local pipeline oil spills immediately find machine repair process;
  9. If abnormal operation should be stopped immediately, remove the cause before proceeding;
  10. After the cover door open, non-pressure door operation, to prevent accidents;
  11. The oil tank must be rigorously filtered, and keep enough oil. Fuel tank should be cleaned every six months and replaced once the oil;
  12. Equipment lubrication should be required at least filling a lubricant class, class clean up the debris once the cavity capacity;
  13. As should be clear division of people simultaneously, to avoid the risk of misuse. Do not understand the main machine structure, performance and operating procedures are not allowed to start the machine;
  14. When the machine when severe leakage or anomalies occur in the work stop immediately. The eyes do not look toward the place of oil injection, can not directly hand to block, not be forced to work sick;
  15. When the machine during operation or packaging may not be repaired or touch moving parts, prohibited by hand or foot pressing material in the bin;
  16. Pump, valve, pressure gauge adjustment must be experienced technical personnel, if found faulty pressure gauge should immediately repair or replacement;